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Potty Training Problem: Child Unaware of when Needing to Go Potty


Mild child is doing well so far in her potty training program.  My problem now is that she seems unaware of when she needs to go potty. She knows when it starts to happen. Even if she initiates beforehand we only have seconds. Is this an age thing or a beginning of the process thing? I ask because we're entering summer where we'll have lots of day trips and time on the beach, park time, etc. I'm concerned that there are going to be a LOT of accidents or I'm going to feel like I need to put her in a diaper, which I don't want to do. If it's because she's young I'm wondering how I should handle that. Should I diaper her while at the aquarium all day or on the beach? Will that confuse her?  If it's just that it's the beginning of the process, when do you think we can start venturing out with mostly success?


I think her 'initiating' only seconds before needing to go is just a
part of the learning process...she should become more reliable as the days go by.  You can work on teaching her 'full bladder' vs. 'empty bladder' as well.  Discuss the two concepts right before/as she's going and right after.  Obviously use whatever words she'll understand.

Try hard to not use a diaper whenever possible.  I bought a Kalencom Potette and carried it around with me during training. That way you can whip it out on a moment's notice - in the car, by the side of the road, etc. :) There will probably be times you will have to use a diaper but put panties on UNDER the diaper to preserve any sense of wetness and, again, keep those instances to an absolute minimum.  It really does hinder/slow down progress.  You will become intimately familiar with every public restroom in your town!  Soon she'll be able to go 1-3 hours without an you can just make sure to take her as soon as you get somewhere...and then again hourly after that. 





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