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Sneak Peek... About The Potty Boot CampTM

I'm sure you are wondering what The Potty Boot Camp is all about. I created the program a few years ago after going through the toilet training process with my own daughter. At the time, I searched for some 'miraculous' potty training method and never found one. (They don't exist....that's why.)

What I DID find was a whole lot of conflicting and overwhelming information. Train early, train late, let the child train themselves, do it slow, do it get the picture.

What I didn't find was a no-nonsense method that told me EXACTLY what to do. I decided to combine a few different methods on my daughter….and it worked! I decided to write it all down in a concise and step-by-step manual. The Potty Boot Camp (Version One) was born!


Below is a Summary of the Program:

First, and most important, I am here to support you.  With the purchase of The Potty Boot Camp via our website you will receive free personal coaching - you won't get that anywhere else!

The Phases:

1.  Your child begins 'Prep Work' - this familiarizes the child with the potty and makes it a part of their daily lives, even prior to training. (By the end of this phase your toddler might just be asking YOU if they can use the potty!)

2.  The 'Boot Camp' Phase - this is where you'll have a couple of days of hard work. By the end of this phase your child will fully understand what is expected of them and will likely be reliably telling you that they need to go. The first day of this phase is the day your son or daughter will give up diapers forever!

3.  'Reinforcement' -Just like it sounds, this phase helps to cement in place the new skills your child has learned.

4.  'Maintenance' - Your toddler is now potty trained!!! I'll teach you in this phase how to make sure your child continues to reliably use the potty, and I'll also teach you how to handle any regression if it happens.

Not all children are the same, so it is unrealistic to think that any one potty training method will work for every child.  But we have had phenomenal results and you will too.

Many parents ask me if this toilet training program will work for their child. Although I have always said that I can't promise it will work for every family...Most children are diaper and accident-free within a week!

Please spend time looking around our site. Your child is worth your investigating my method… Read the "Success Stories"  from parents just like you.

The Potty Boot Camp is one of the only toilet training methods that is short, sweet, and to-the-point - and most of all, effective. It is the only training program that approaches the process in a no-nonsense manner.  You won't be bored by theory, and my Book is easy to read during naptime.

The comfort, the confidence and self-esteem of your child is very valuable. Right?

What is the peace of mind worth to you?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Right?

How much is a diaper free child worth to you? If somebody told you that for less than the cost of one fast-food lunch you will never have to deal with diapers again, would you spend the money?

Do you know that the average cost of diapering a child to age 2 1/2 is $2500.00?

Your cost for The Potty Boot Camp eBook download is only $14.99. You've got very little to lose and a whole lot to gain.

Can you think of a better investment? You are investing in your child’s mental welfare and confidence. What better use of your money than to invest in their future? No “Poop”…… it’s a great deal and you’ll thank me after you utilize The Potty Boot Camp.

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