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Preventing and Dealing With a Couple of Common Potty Training Problems

To understand potty training problems, look at the process from your toddler's view point. For most of their life they explore the world at their own pace and everything is a big science experiment. Learning to talk and walk have been skills they have acquired on their own terms and only when they were ready.

Suddenly, Mom and Dad have changed all the rules. They are told that they now how to stop going pee and poop in their diaper and must instead use a toilet. What??? Imagine the shock you would feel if someone told you that you must now stop using the toilet and must go in your pants instead! The analogy is a disgusting one to consider, but help you to understand why your child might be resistant to the process.

Preparation is the Most Important Step for Potty Training

Some activities you can perform before asking your child to use the toilet are:

1. Let him follow you to the bathroom and explain the process in detail.
2. Let the child sit on the potty with the lid closed and allow them to flush the potty. Show them how the pee and poop go down the drain.
3. Get a child's training potty and let the child play with it. Familiarity breeds comfort.


Regression is when a previously potty trained child begins to once again wet themselves. Your child may have been using the toilet happily for months and suddenly goes on a potty strike.

You'll want to consider any external factors that might be triggering the episode. The birth of a new sibling, a move, or a change in daycare might all contribute to upheaval in a child's life.

Regression is actually a normal part of toilet training unless there is a contributing medical condition such as a urinary tract infection. Be patient through episodes of regression as they do tend to resolve on their own or with a bit of encouragement. Consider adding special rewards or treats if desired.

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