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Holy Cow! It worked!


THANK YOU SO MUCH!  He has self-initiated TWICE now!  I am so excited!  

He looked at the potty at one point like he needed to go, but then the timer beeped and he sat on the potty anyway and had success.  Then 15 minutes later, he looked at me, said, "I need pee" and walked right over to the potty, pulled down his undies, and went pee!  And then 26 minutes later (after a 20-minute interval and no success, followed by a 10-minute interval, where he self-initiated after 6 minutes into the timer).  So I've been continuing the intervals, but wanted to know what you recommended.  Thank you again for your amazing guidance!   

Pleased as punch, Lisa :) 

P.S.  I'm not disillusioned.  I know we'll still have accidents.  I'm just so happy he's taken the initiative that he's lacked until now!

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