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Do-N-Slide Picture To-Do Lists – Visual Aids for Potty Training

Here is a great visual aid for potty training - the "Do-N-Slide" with Potty Training pack. I can see this product being useful for all parents - however, parents of children with Down Syndrome or Autism might find it especially useful.

The Do-N-Slide is a product that allows parent to help parents help themselves by using visual aids to clearly define a set list of activities or tasks that need to be completed. (In the left column is the "To Do" tasks, and in the right column the "All Done") Your child simply slides the visual reminder from the left to the right after the activity is completed.

What makes Do-N-Slide so fabulous is its versatility, and the abundance of situations it which it can be used to help both children and parents. Just some of the ways it may help you in your home are:

Help your child learn one or many new routines

Reduce your child's resistance when its time to change activities or environments

Boost your child's confidence by providing them with a means to complete activities independently

Advance your young child's ability to use and understand language

Improve your child's understanding of organizing and sequencing - a prerequisite to improved reading and writing skills

At last! can stop repeating yourself!

The Potty Training Pack includes the following tasks: go to bathroom (girl sitting) - go to bathroom (boy sitting) - go to bathroom (boy standing) - bathroom - clean diaper wipe - dry panties - dry underwear - turn on faucet - turn off faucet - dry hands - flush - lift seat - seat down - underwear down - underwear up - pants down - pants up - potty - wash hands

Do-N-SlideTM is a remarkable tool that can be used by both parents and children. It is made from die-cut cardboard materials - similar to children's board-books, but 3-ply for strength and durability.

Do-N-SlideTM has 2 columns, a 'To-Do' column, and an 'All Done' column, and allows the child to simply slide picture cards across the board from one position to the other. There are 6 slider partitions in all - one for the day of the week, and 5 for the picture cards that represent activities or steps within an activity that the board is being used to display.

The picture cards can represent a multitude of things, including, but not limited to: activities to be completed (getting some help around the house), or a new skill to be taught (potty training). In addition, the picture cards can be arranged in any order, changed daily with ease, and most importantly - used to represent whatever it is that YOUR CHILD is learning!
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