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Breanna Emmitt

Thank you for this book! It was just what we needed, and I am proud that at 20 months old, my son is POTTY TRAINED! With a new baby on the way, we couldn't be happier to have our firstborn

Dr. Laura

Your book is amazing! I trained my almost 4yr old in, literally, a day! My son only had one accident on day 2, but not one since! I tried to train him for an entire year, but your approach was …

Melanie, Mom of Beth

Thanks again for your inspiration and input. I have never had such an experience such as this. You are an amazing woman to figure out something so simple and to personally stand behind your product and offer help which we …


I am not sure what finally did it, but Kaylie is totally potty trained now. No more peeing in her panties or when we leave the house. She is 23 months old, almost 2 years...her birthday is on February 3rd …

Krista M, Mom of Evan

Thanks for the concise book! We did it last weekend with our 31-month-old son. He has been using the potty off and on since he was 18 months old, but we never pushed him to make it "official," just gave …

Katina (from Ohio)

Suzanne, I just had to share my testimony. My daughter, Brilyn, was 29 months old in February. I was tired of the diapers and wanted to be done with them. I did some "googling" and came across "The Potty Boot

Irina, Mom of Isabella

Dear Suzanne, I purchased your Ebook 15 days ago and my daughter is now toilet trained! Isabella will be 27 months old tomorrow and we are thrilled to be celebrating it diaper/pull up free! I'm a full time single mom …

Kelly B.

If I was asked if there was one thing about parenting that I most dread, I would say potty training. I decided that since I was going to be laid off work for a week, this would be a good …

Shawnna K., Mom of Maddie

Absolutely LOVED the book! It worked like a charm on my little one! We were "graduated" in 4 days. Thank you for freeing me from the world of diapers (except for nap time :D)

December G. (a very proud mommy)

We haven't conquered nights, naps, or BM's but I feel like we climbed a never ending mountain in just one day. She woke up asking to use the potty and that is accidents all day! I help families potty

  • Hi! I just wanted to thank you so much for your great, short, concrete book! My son was going to lose his preschool spot on Sept 1st if we couldn't get him trained and he's a VERY stubborn almost 3 …

  • "Potty Boot Camp Works For Me"

    We received a glowing review from the blog "Epic Mommy Adventures" today.  Natasha used The Potty Boot Camp to help potty train her son and wrote a blog post about her experiences.  I love …

  • The first day can be rough...but the hard work is worth it.  Read below a testimonial from a family who stuck with the program and it paid off by day #2.

    "So we started our first day yesterday!  Let me …

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