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Child is Pee Trained but Won’t Poop in the Potty? Here are a Couple of Things to Try!

Here is another of my "Question and Answer" Series based on emails I've received from parents who are following my The Potty Boot Camp toilet training program - this one regarding a child who won't poop in the potty.


Ready To Give Up on Potty Training? Don’t!!

Each week I receive numerous emails from parents who are wildly successful in training their children, are encountering some small stumbling blocks, or the occasional few who feel like they just aren't getting anywhere. Sometimes those parents are at their …

CootieGuards Protect Toddlers from Germ-Ridden Public Toilet Seats – CootieGuards

CootieGuards Protect Toddlers from Germ-Ridden Public Toilet Seats

Disposable Seat Covers Help Reduce Stresses of Potty Training

Parents who dread the inevitable need to assist their toddlers and young children in public restrooms, now have a new tool that not …

Dealing With a Stubborn Potty Training Child? Here’s a New Resource You Should Check Out!

In the potty training business, I hear back from a lot of parents of toddlers about a variety of behavioral issues that come up on a fairly regular basis. Commonly, toilet training problems aren't a failure of the child to …

My Wee Friend Potty Training Stickers

My Wee Friend is a new and exciting yet simple and effective way to potty train.

Developed by a Mother of six and Grandmother of seven ©My Wee Friend™ has been tried and tested By real Children and it REALLY …

How to Deal With Potty Training Accidents

Tips and Ideas When Dealing with Potty Training Accidents:

Potty training is emotionally exhausting, physically exhausting, and mentally tiring. Try to take a deep breath before you react. Make your mantra "No emotion. No emotion. No emotion." You can always …

Orlando Parenting Examiner: The real poop on swim diapers

Below is a link to a great article from the Orlando Parenting Examiner regarding the use of swim diapers. Key points to take away from the article are that a) swim diapers do NOT keep urine out of the …

Bed Wetting Issues – Advice From an Expert

(I recently received this comment on a previous blog post about bedwetting. Since it has such valuable information and advice, I wanted to publish it as it's own blog post.)

I work with the Enuresis Treatment Center, which deals only …

Parenting Examiner: Potty training tip: make your own personalized potty training book

Here is a GREAT idea for you creative types! Instead of buying a potty training book, make your own!

In the following article on the Parenting Examiner website, a number of unique ideas are discussed to personalize a special book …

7 Months Old? Potty Train Her! – CBS News

A technique that has been around for many years is recently gaining popularity among parents - it's called Elimination Communication, or "infant potty training." It helps parents teach babies as young as 7 months old how to use a potty …

  • Hi! I just wanted to thank you so much for your great, short, concrete book! My son was going to lose his preschool spot on Sept 1st if we couldn't get him trained and he's a VERY stubborn almost 3 …

  • "Potty Boot Camp Works For Me"

    We received a glowing review from the blog "Epic Mommy Adventures" today.  Natasha used The Potty Boot Camp to help potty train her son and wrote a blog post about her experiences.  I love …

  • The first day can be rough...but the hard work is worth it.  Read below a testimonial from a family who stuck with the program and it paid off by day #2.

    "So we started our first day yesterday!  Let me …

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