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What to do When Potty Training Isn’t Going Well

What are you to do when you start potty training and it isn't going well?  Picture this: all the signs are there...your child knows the words for pee and poop, shows interest in the potty, and your parental instincts tell …

Potty Training Standstill – What to Try When You’re Not Making Progress

This parent started potty training, made some progress, and then hit the proverbial wall.  See below for some suggestions about what to do when your child seems to have stopped making any progress while potty training and you feel you're …

  • Hi! I just wanted to thank you so much for your great, short, concrete book! My son was going to lose his preschool spot on Sept 1st if we couldn't get him trained and he's a VERY stubborn almost 3 …

  • "Potty Boot Camp Works For Me"

    We received a glowing review from the blog "Epic Mommy Adventures" today.  Natasha used The Potty Boot Camp to help potty train her son and wrote a blog post about her experiences.  I love …

  • The first day can be rough...but the hard work is worth it.  Read below a testimonial from a family who stuck with the program and it paid off by day #2.

    "So we started our first day yesterday!  Let me …

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