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TEACCH – Toilet Training Children With Autism

For parents of children with Autism, the above link will take you to an incredible, must-read article about potty training. The TEACCH autism program is one of the best resources available. The article is exhaustive in its detail and …

New Resource for Potty Training Children with Autism

Below is a link to a new potty training resource for parents of children with Autism. I have not personally read the downloaded material, but it sure does sound like it is worth your while to at least check it …

Aaah™ – Toiler Paper Moistener : Feel as clean as you can be

Aaah™ - Toiler Paper Moistener : Feel as clean as you can be - "Aaah! Toilet Paper Foam Moistener is a new, environmentally-friendly solution that uses the natural absorbency of toilet paper to apply wetness for effective cleansing and the

What Is A Good Age to Begin Potty Training?

Below is a brief history about the age at which children have been potty trained in the past. A well-known fact is that the age of training has been steadily increasing - in part due to the effectiveness of today's …

Potty Training Advice by John Rosemond

Dr. John Rosemond, a well-known psychologist, gives some no-nonsense advice on toilet training. He feels that delayed potty training is an insult to a child's intelligence, and I'm inclined to agree.

Dr. Rosemond, in his article, discusses how potty …

The Potty Boot Camp Receives Online Press!

Below is a link to an article written on the 'Discipline How-to Blog' - The Potty Boot Camp book is discussed as a new and effective potty training method. (The author of the article owns a copy as well.)

To …

WeeMinder Potty Training System

Here is a new product that is likely to give the "Potty Watch" a run for it's money....

It's the Wee Minder. When toilet training, repetition is incredibly important. (A key part of The Potty Boot Camp is …

Poteez – The Eco-friendly disposable potty, Happy Child, Happy Parents, Happy Planet

If you are in the U.K., you are fortunate to have a new product to add to your potty training arsenal. 'Poteez' is a new, environmentally disposable potty.

The designers of the product realized there was a need for a Tinkle, Tinkle Little Tot: Songbook and CD: Songs and Rhymes for Toilet Training by Bruce Lansky

A parent review on com says: "I bought this CD and songbook for my daughter and we have loved it! I gave it to her about two weeks before we started potty training as way to talk about the …

Unique Princess Potty, Prince Potty, Jungle Potty, and His/Her Majesty’s Throne

So, you consider yourself a Mom with style? You can't stand the thought of an ugly plastic potty chair sitting in your family room? Well, has some great alternatives.

The photos above are just a sampling of the high …

  • Hi! I just wanted to thank you so much for your great, short, concrete book! My son was going to lose his preschool spot on Sept 1st if we couldn't get him trained and he's a VERY stubborn almost 3 …

  • "Potty Boot Camp Works For Me"

    We received a glowing review from the blog "Epic Mommy Adventures" today.  Natasha used The Potty Boot Camp to help potty train her son and wrote a blog post about her experiences.  I love …

  • The first day can be rough...but the hard work is worth it.  Read below a testimonial from a family who stuck with the program and it paid off by day #2.

    "So we started our first day yesterday!  Let me …

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