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FREE Dora the Explorer PRINTABLE Potty Training Charts

Just wanted to let everyone know where you can download and print some free Dora potty training charts. Charts are a useful visual motivator for children to use the potty since they can see their successes 'adding up'.


Literary Critique: “Flush the Potty!” by Ken Wilson-Max « Kirsten in Montana

This blogger, in her blog 'Kirsten in Montana', wasn't a huge fan of the book "Flush the Potty!" by Ken Wilson-Max. Her entertaining review made me laugh. Below is an excerpt from her post:
"It starts off with a …

If you are stressed about potty training and need a good laugh….

I found this post in a blog that I happened to find while surfing. It's about a conversation between two small children as it relates to bodily functions. If you are stressed about potty training, this will make you chuckle!…

Free Potty Training Sticker Charts

Who doesn't like something for free? These potty training charts from Able Baby are free to download and print. You can use them with your own stickers. Potty training charts are a helpful incentive when toilet training because your child …

Potty Training Tips for Stubborn Children – Associated Content

Much of the article (link below) is common sense, but I really like the tip about letting your child pick the date to begin training. Anything you can do to allow your child to take ownership of the process can …

The Potty Hammock Portable Toilet Seat Cover

I'm always on the lookout for unique potty training products, and I've found one that sure isn't well-known. It's the Potty Hammock.

The Potty Hammock is a "sleeve" for your toilet seat. You lift the seat up, slide the …

The Telegraph – Calcutta (Kolkata) | Nation | Women get gun prize for toilet training

So, you think you're having trouble potty training your two your old? Be glad he or she isn't an adult! This story is bizarre on a number of levels.

Apparently, in India there is a region where women 'defecate' in …

History of Potty Training

I've always been a huge fan of potty training early, and not because it is a personal opinion. In the past, early potty training was the norm - not the exception. It is only in modern times that we find …

  • Hi! I just wanted to thank you so much for your great, short, concrete book! My son was going to lose his preschool spot on Sept 1st if we couldn't get him trained and he's a VERY stubborn almost 3 …

  • "Potty Boot Camp Works For Me"

    We received a glowing review from the blog "Epic Mommy Adventures" today.  Natasha used The Potty Boot Camp to help potty train her son and wrote a blog post about her experiences.  I love …

  • The first day can be rough...but the hard work is worth it.  Read below a testimonial from a family who stuck with the program and it paid off by day #2.

    "So we started our first day yesterday!  Let me …

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